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Seton Hall University (South Orange)

Founding Date :1856

State and Province: New Jersey

City :South Orange

Student population: 9,745

School profile
Seton Hall is divided into nine different schools and colleges, with the law school ranked as one of the most highly ranked in the country by U.S. News and World Report. In 2009, BusinessWeek’s Biggest Schools Comeback ranked Seton Hall in the nation’s top 50, and its business school ranked 57th. Seton Hall offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in the schools of Arts and Sciences, Business, Diplomacy and International Relations, Health and Medical Sciences, Education and Human Services, Law, Nursing, and Divinity. Majors offered by these schools include Anthropology, Fine Arts Education, Asian Studies, Biology, Business administration, Catholic Studies, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Chemical engineering, Economics, German, French, electrical engineering, Environmental Studies, mathematics, Latin and Latin Studies, Italian, and more.

2.How many miles is Seton Hall University located in downtown Manhattan?

The school is located 12 miles from downtown Manhattan, New York City, which allows you to enjoy the beautiful pastoral scenery and immerse yourself in the bustling metropolis. South Orange County is located in a residential suburb with a 10-minute hike to the town center.

The center of New Jersey, known as the Garden State, is bordered on the east by Newark International Airport and seaport, on the west by Edison’s hometown of West Orange and Morristown, the headquarters of the Union Army during the American Revolution, on the south by the Princeton University District, and on the north by metropolitan New York.

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