Our entire transaction process is very confidential and we will never disclose any client information. When you receive your diploma or degree certificate and are satisfied, we will immediately delete all customer information. Trust us, because it’s good for both of us.

If you don’t have an email and need other ways to contact us, please register an email or borrow your friend’s email, send an email to mine, and tell me the contact information you need to use, and leave your ID, so that I can contact you in time.


Payment: Western Union or paypal

1.Go to western union agent network, fill in the remittance form.Submit the completed form and payment operators, and close to remember recycling and “password” monitor (MTCN);Inform the payee have completed the formalities and remittance monitoring code (MTCN).Soon your designated payee will be able to receive money from any Western Union agency in the world.

2.Paypal is a mobile money transfer app that allows you to send money to most parts of the world. Directly download and install to the mobile phone above, fill in the payee information can complete the remittance.


Transaction process

1. Fill out the form

2. To pay the deposit

3. Design the draft

4. Check and confirm it

5. Pay the balance

6. Arrange printing

7. Shipping by DHL

8. Delete all your files