You are here because you need a Diploma that looks real enough and you need it FAST. Good thing you found us because
we have been designing and shipping fake diplomas and transcripts since 2002! As one of the leading Novelty and
Replacement Document Printers on the web, you can breathe easy knowing you will receive a high-quality document as
soon as possible.

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Our fake diplomas, degrees and transcripts are designed after real looking awards issued by a number of the world’s top universities, colleges and high schools.As long as it is understood that these are not real degrees or transcritps as issued by educational institutions, but rather novelty degrees, and are intended exclusively for entertainment use, we will let you the customer tell us where you want your degree from and what you want on it. We create diplomas and transcripts that are individually customized to fit your specific needs. If you can supply us with your name, the type of degree you are looking for, and other pertinent information, we will individually customize your awards to fit your specific criteria.

Transaction process

1. Fill out the form
2. To pay the deposit
3. Design the draft
4. Check and confirm it
5. Pay the balance
6. Arrange printing
7. Shipping by DHL
8. Delete all your files


1. What Are The Prices?

The pricing varies depending upon whether you are looking for a package deal with both a degree and transcripts, or simply a degree. It’s also based upon the type of degree you are looking for, but if you will click on the order link above you will find pricing for exactly what you need.

2. Can I Pick Any School I Want My Documents From?

Yes. We leave the creativity and all the responsibility up to the customer. We will print the information you want on your degree as long as you realize that these are novelty documents meant for entertainment purposes only and that they offer no real educational value. As well, you must be willing to take full responsibility for your creations. We will not sell documents to anyone wishing to misrepresent him or herself or their education for business, trade, profession or occupation reasons. If there is ever a reason we can not produce your order within our guidelines, you will be notified immediately with an explanation. At that time we will give you an option to make any changes to your order or have your order fully refunded.

3. Can I Get Any Type Of Degree I Wish?

Yes, we will produce the degree of your choice.

4. Do They Come With Real Seals?

To help make our novelty diplomas authentic-looking as possible, and to protect the copywritten seals of many schools, we have created our own special seals, specifically made to apply to each novelty document we sell. They vary from embossments to raised gold foil stamps (and not just some gold foil sticker or so-called ‘gold ink’).

5. Do They Have Color On Them Or Are They Just Black And White?

Though many of the diplomas we produce are printed with black ink, we do use a full-colour printing process for a number of the documents as well.

6. What Size Are Your Diplomas?

Diplomas for the most part come in three basic sizes, 10″ x 8″, 11″ x 8.5″ or 14″ x 11″. We offer all three of these sizes as well as have the capability to print customized sized diplomas for those schools that have unique measurements.

7. How Long Will I Receive My Certificate When I Place An Order?

When you place an order, we will complete the design within 1-2 days, spend 1-2 days to arrange the printing, complete the printing and send it out, We will use the world’s fastest express to put it, such as DHL, FedEx, TNT. You will receive it in about 3-5 days.

8. If I Send You A Sample, Can You Match It?

If you send us a sample, We copy it to 1:1 with the original. It’s the same paper, the same seal, the same signature.

9.How do you know what courses to put on my transcripts?

If you will provide us with a major and a minor for your degree, we will have our staff research to find the general courses that would typically fit those specific fields of study, and then have them incorporated into your transcripts. Keep in mind, that the courses and requirements may very from school to school. As well, you will also be allowed to select the GPA of your choice. We must restate that these document though authentic looking are designed specifically for gag gifts and can not be used for any illegal purposes. See our samples page to see what your transcripts would look like.

Yes. If you would like specific courses and grades applied to your transcripts, you may supply them to us during the order process, and we will have them incorporated directly into you printed transcripts.

Yes, on the front side along with you courses and grades, you will also find your name and address, the school name and address, as well as other pertinent information. On the back side, you will find the information that explains the grading structure and other information.

We use high-grade cotton fiber paper as well as watermark (or non-repro) paper for a number of our certificates and transcripts. The paper used for our novelty transcripts are level 1 and 4 security paper, commonly referred to as ‘copy proof’. The paper has a number of security features, including when copied this paper will generally show a hidden word such as ‘COPY’ or ‘VOID’. For further description, please see our terms and conditions.

13.If I need an additional set of transcripts, can I get them at a discount?

Yes, you can. Once we provide your transcripts, you can get additional transcripts for half price or even less. However, due to our privacy policy, we do not retain these original files for storage.If you plan to order additional sets, you will need to purchase them with the original order, otherwise we will have to charge you the full price to re-produce.

It depends upon what you are actually ordering. In the case where it is a simple diploma and we have everything needed on file, the production time could be as short as 3-4 days. Most degrees and transcripts are produced within a 8-12 days, sometimes sooner. The reason for the extra time, is that if the order comes with a set of transcripts, we will have to have someone research the courses that would generally go with your type of degree, and then once this information is obtain, have it integrated into your customized transcripts. Please keep in mind that delivery time can be affected by the amount of recent order we are working on, and it is always better to order in the beginning of the week.

15.Assuming I buy a diploma, will my privacy be protected?

Yes. Privacy is of the utmost importance to our customers and therefore to us. All of your personal information will never be divulged, rented or otherwise. When we produce an order for someone, we only keep the information on file for the time it takes to ship the product and then all information is destroyed.