Here you can make any diploma, degree, certificate, report card, driver’s license you need in paper or plastic film. Used to comfort parents or loved ones with expectations, it is a white lie, sometimes there is nothing we can do, there is no way. You can design yourself out of the galaxy, you can imagine yourself as an earthbound hairdresser, whatever fun diploma you need, but of course it’s all about doing evil, comforting the people who care about you and pleasing the people you like. Basically, it’s your own creative factory, anything you want, anything you want. We are here to state that these are only intended as a novel hobby to satisfy your curiosity and not to produce substantial legal efficiency. Of course, having been in the industry for 20 years, we can add gold stamping, holograms, embossing to your DIY creative diploma to make it look real. So, now, do you have a good idea? Come and tell me, come on!


Our transaction process is extremely confidential and simple, in just 8 steps, 3-7 days, your DIY product will appear in any country in the world, flying to your hands.

Transaction process

1. Fill out the form

2. To pay the deposit

3. Design the draft

4. Check and confirm it

5. Pay the balance

6. Arrange printing

7. Shipping by DHL

8. Delete all your files

It only takes 3-7 days to complete the above steps